That was crazy

Just over a month ago, we somehow survived playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for 12 hours in the bowels of an old Chinese movie theatre at Spadina and Queen. It was wild. It was art, we think. And for some masochistic reason, a few thousand people also watched it via a live stream provided by AUX and the Toronto Star. Here’s a rundown of everything that happened, in case you weren’t glued to your computer from dusk til dawn on October 1.



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I’ll now be blogging about Perfect Youth from Set your browsers towards this new, highly professional address for future updates.

A letter from Steve Leckie»

Excuse the lapse in posts here; an initial, incomplete draft of the book was finished at the start of the summer, and I spent the last few months clearing out my brain and conducting a few extra interviews to help bring this project to a close. It’s still far from complete, but my head is […]


A few weeks ago, I was inside my 1989 camper van in a Hamilton parking lot with Mickey DeSadist of the Forgetten Rebels, trying to get a few questions asked before Teenage Head, now with new lead singer Pete MacAulay, hit the stage for their first hometown show since the passing of Frankie Venom. It […]


I’m in the middle of The Montreal Chapter right now, and wanted to post what will likely be the titular song for the whole section. “First Studio Bomb” is a great fucking song from the first and, for a time, only punk band from Montreal. The 222s started as a more New York Dolls-y post-glam […]

Popular Mechanix»

I’m in the midst of trying to wrap my head around the early Winnipeg scene, which I knew little about (aside from the fact that it birthed the best hardcore band ever, Personality Crisis). But where did those prairie weirdos come from? Turns out they came from stuff like this – Popular Mechanix were one […]

Infamous Scientists»

Consisting of some Victorian (as in, from Victoria, BC, not the era of Queen Victoria) youngsters that would later go on to form one of the best bands in the world, ever, Infamous Scientists displayed an unnatural ability to build left-field punk songs out of syncopated rhythms and an uncharacteristically present bass tone at a […]

The Bureaucrats»

Ottawa has been a tough city to wrap my head around. I hadn’t heard much from anyone in nearby cities as to the relevance or vitality of the early scene. Someone might have mentioned the Rotter’s Club once, but it wasn’t with any great degree of reverence. In my slow crawl across this country, it’s […]

Gentlemen of Horror»

For the past few days, I’ve been deep in some unnecessarily heady papers about Canadian identity, culture hybridity, cultural drift, the garrison mentality in Canadian literature, and other stuff that I’m mostly just pretending to understand. If it hasn’t been made clear enough already, one of the aspects of early Canadian punk that fascinates me […]

The Modernettes»

I’m currently going over some stuff in John Armstrong’s autobiography, the immensely readable and wonderfully bad behavior-ridden Guilty of Everything. Sent me down a worm hole of Vancouver music videos, of which there are a few, including this one for the Modernettes’ “Barbra”, a certified classic from its era. This song exemplifies what I love […]

“Punk is leather, lust and liquid”»

I’ve spent the day combing through the archives of Ubessey, the student paper at University of British Columbia. Founded in 1918, every single issue of the paper is available as a PDF through the library’s online archive. It’s a pretty awesome (biblical usage) collection. I’m sure there’s some incredible non-punk-related gems in there, but I’m […]

Red Tide»

In the interest of coastal fairness, I wanted to post a song from Red Tide, one of my favourite bands from the early Victoria scene. Like Da Slyme and the Reaction in St. John’s, Red Tide were more isolated than the already-pretty-fucking-isolated kids in places like Edmonton and Winnipeg. But unlike those kids, Victoria bands […]

The Robins»

Probably one of my favourite bands to have unearthed for myself over the course of this project is the Robins. The second or third ever punk band from Moncton (the first was the Punks, natch), the Robins were one of many incredible, original, and utterly strange musical projects undertaken by Mark Gaudet, one of the […]

The Reaction»

Finally got around to checking out the Reaction discography I got in the mail late last week. These guys were one of two active punk bands in St. John’s, Newfoundland in the late ’70s and early ’80s. No small feat, when you consider how culturally isolated that part of the country was. Unlike their bi-coastal […]