Australians! Volume Two

Alright, everyone who’s sick of the rampant takeover of this website by my Canadian Political Fury, I’m sorry. Get ready for more. But this time, politics has booze! So, you love it. Also, I’m not really sorry.

We here at JUICEBOXdotcom have never tried to hide the fact that we think all Australians are totally nuts. To drive this point home, it looks like they’re considering installing breathalyzers in their parliament. Because shit like this keeps happening:

“State police minister Matt Brown was dumped from his portfolio in September after allegedly “dirty” dancing in his underwear over the chest of a female colleague after a drunken post-budget office party.”

Awesome. Totally awesome. And, you know:

“New South Wales state lawmaker Andrew Fraser resigned from his conservative opposition frontbench role after shoving a female colleague in the wake of Christmas party celebrations.”

Apparently Sydney’s Daily Telegraph started calling for breath-testing politicians before they enter parliament, and now they might get their wish. Good job, England. You didn’t have anywhere better to put a penal colony in the 1700s?

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