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“The First Time I Went On a Rollercoaster,” by Andrew W.K.

Posted on May 14, 2008 by

JUICEBOXdotcom first crossed paths with Andrew W.K. for an intensely romantic episode of Exclaim!TV last Valentine’s Day. What was supposed to end in a three-minute video turned into a 25-minute, four-part magnum opus. Since then, we’ve learned what it’s like to fall in love all over again for the first time. DO YOU REALIZE HOW AMAZING ANDREW W.K. IS?! He reads bedtime stories to kids. He was the guest of honour at at the Yale University Master’s Tea. And he produced a Lee “Scratch” Perry record. But when he’s not doing that, he’s writing ever so earnestly about rollercoasters.

Andrew W.K. teaches Moby how to live

The first time I went on a roller-coaster. The feeling is absolutely untouchable. It is solid-gold. It is addictive and dangerous and ferocious. The sounds of the wheels slamming across the metal tracks – in a smooth but complicated roar. The sounds are so chunky and sharp – but melt away into long silences when you’re floating in mid air – only to hit down hard – crashing against gravity – back into reality. The speed of the air moving by you – you must let go and you can’t fight it – you leave your body in one place and there is a delay before it catches back up to you. It is, quite literally, a vehicle to transport you to another place. To travel into that void. Carefully stepping around it’s edges, occasionally slipping in, but always grabbing onto something. Finally you allow yourself to go – all completely – is life’s voyage. To believe. More… »

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