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REVIEW: Tina Turner @ the ACC, 12/14/08

Posted on December 14, 2008 by

Simply the best.

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REVIEW: Kathy Griffin: For Your Consideration

Posted on October 23, 2008 by

If there’s one kind of “people” I like, it’s people who tell it like it is. You know? People who aren’t afraid to not think before they speak, and just blurt out whatever, but mostly, I love people who can make a career out of that, like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Kathy Griffin. So if you’re like me, you should probably give Kathy Griffin’s For Your Consideration a good listen, and let her refreshing, no-holds-barred comedy wash over you.

As I get older, I really love humour about aging parents, so if you’re into that, you’ll love the track “Happy Monday (More Maggie!)” But don’t worry, Kathy gets back to her celeb-bashing roots with “Freaky Doll People (Demi? Oh yeah!)” so get ready to laugh.

In all honesty, I didn’t hate it. I laughed once, and listened kind of intently for the rest of the fifty-seven minutes. If you were hoping for something more hilariously scathing, maybe you should ask me when I’m on my period! Am I right, ladies?

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Juicebox Political Analysts Live Blog The U.S. Presidential Debate

Posted on September 26, 2008 by


9:18: mccain wants to cut spending, keep taxes low. sounds good!

9:19: obama wants to cut loop holes, stop shipping jobs over seas, sam is whining too loudly, save the middle class.

9:20: US pays 35% business tax, live blogger stopped paying attention momentarily, mccain repeats the number two thousand a couple times

9:21: mccain – “worst thing we can do is raise taxes on anybody”

9:23: mccain wants to tax health benefits!!!!!!! :S

9:26: obama reiterates importance of reduced dependence on foreign oil, renewable energy sources 😀

9:28: obama – education reform, more affordable post-secondary education :O

9:29: mccain states obama has most liberal voting record; “hard to reach across the aisle from that far to the left”

9:30: obama talks more about foreign oil, blah blah blah

9:32: mccain suggests spending freeze national defense, veterans and “several other”

9:34: mccain – 700 000 jobs by constructing 45 nuclear power plants

9:35: ashley carter questions lack of “sandwiches for everybody” policy in both candidates answers

9:36: obama has 800 billion in new programs

9:38: obama says “orgy of spending.” stopped paying attention again but sounds interesting 😉

9:39: mccain war badly mishandled

9:43: obama smiles, lookin’ good!

9:46: mccain – social and economic progress in iraq


9:52: Cadence Weapon is playing at Lee’s Palace next week!

10:00: Ashley reads my first live blog and inspires me to keep going after ten minutes of lying on the couch and looking at Facebook photos of people I went to school with eight years ago.

10:02: mccain and obama seem more aggressive than before, talking about prevailing in Afghanistan

iran and the security of the united states:

10:07: tought direct diplomacy with iran; obama states that the sanction, notion that by not talking to people we are punishing them, is not working

10:09: everyone laughs at my Henry Kissinger impression

10:11: obama why you gotta use the term “axis of evil!?”

10:12: christine shows me her new clothes; our shoes are similar! 5.0 on the blush-o-meter!!!!11

10:13: Christine is now blogging. Mccain puts on his tankini for the swimsuit competition. It looks good, but not as good as obama’s string bikini.

10:14: Obama does the splits and Mccain is clearly beat. He drops out of the election.

10:15: Greg’s Anatomy comes on. Mr. Dreamy and Greg start to make-out. Dr. Red hair gets mad and moves to California.

10:19: Claire returns from the bathrootgmy6bh, has clearlyhm ik6umissed a lot


10:21: M is talking about the USSR. He likes the new “young” president.

10:22: O starts to talk about Atlanta. He is in favour of Jermaine Dupri becoming president of that country. M doesn’t because he is too old to know how cool he used to be and how many Mariah Carey songs he was on and how many usher songs he was on too.

10:23: They start to talk about Fort. McMurry and how much it sucks and how no one but losers want to go work there for their co-op jobs because it’s so boring. O is going on about walking and talking and loving the green party and blowing Fort McLame off the face of the planet cause that country is so ugly.

10:26: ashley wishes there was a toliet under her butt cuz she doesn;t want to talk to the bathtub to go pee. lazy.

10:27: Claitre’s mom wanted to buy a longchamp bag but didn’t and then claire told hr how i have one and then her mom said i was cool.

10:29: claire thinks this house smells like a butt and doesn’t understand boy poos. ashley thinks they mix up the poos and sam thinks it feels gross because he had a lot of coffee. Ashley knows that the poo is uglier than you are. Sarah palin came out on stage and cheered M on.

10:30: Sarash Plalin has glasses because her daughter is a slut and got pregz. She doesn’t .

10:31: Some old man came on the screen – obama made him shut up. Obama is talking about bin ladin and how he is still in cuba. He wants to go down for reading week and probably will since he will be the next president (yeah!) and not have anything else to do. He finished his homework so he could go on his grad trip this year. Now he’s talking about science and how important it is. But they are cutting all the science money and now all the other countries have smarter people to figure out how the big bang happened.

10:32: The next president has to have a nice butt.

10:34: sam thinks that the water is hot right now. he doesnt’ have any balls because he is weird.

10:35: Obama’s father came from congo. He wants us all to try and make it the best we can. This is also what Obama wants for ius. He thinks the next president has to do this to keep cananda safe.

M BRINGS UP THE WHOLE PRISON THING. He misses his roommate.


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REVIEW: Burn Notice, Season One (DVD)

Posted on June 24, 2008 by

More than bad, this show is confusing. The premise seems to be that our hero, who boasts his profession as doing “a lot of things,” has a “burn notice out on” him. Judging by the plotline, it’s like being blacklisted, only sexier. But sexy or not, I’m not entirely positive what burn notice means, so I don’t understand his dilemma.

Burn Notice is like VIP without the distraction of all the boobs. And with Bruce Campbell. If this show isn’t on Spike TV already, you can probably look forward to that.

JUICEBOXdotcom says Burn Notice: Season One is:


“The wigs the wardrobe people got look very real!”

“Main character is against smoking!”

“Can watch this show for 20 minutes if nothing else is on!”

“Miami looks warm! Might inspire you to winter there!”

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