BEST FRIDAYS: with Jessica Hopper

What’s Worst Mondays without a dark and villainous foil? That’s the kind of thinking that forced us to create Best Fridays. So for all our weekend warrior brethren: Wooooo, T-G-I-F, right? Herein we hope to bookend your awful week by quizzing our previous Worst Mondays candidate about slightly more encouraging things. Every Friday!

So Jessica Hopper blogs, writes, and is generally better than all of us. You’ll notice that we normally refer to the people we write about as “better than you”, but this time, we’re lumping our omnipotent selves in with you lowly peasants. Yeah, she’s better than JUICEBOXdotcom. We’re pretty weirded out, too.

Best injury
Fell off a ladder while holding a scissors and stabbed myself in the ass. I was pranking my roommate by gluing some of his belongings to the ceiling, so I was getting my karmic due.

Best historical figure
Herzog c. Fitzcarraldo and or Lincoln c. 1863.

Best thing to do with $20
Buy cards and stamps and write to elderly relatives.

Best party trick
Not partying.

Best monster

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