BEST FRIDAYS: with Nardwuar the Human Serviette

What’s Worst Mondays without a dark and villainous foil? That’s the kind of thinking that forced us to create Best Fridays. So, for all our weekend warrior brethren: Wooooo, T-G-I-F, right? Herein we hope to bookend your awful week by quizzing our previous Worst Mondays candidate about slightly more encouraging things. Every Friday!

Nardwuar in Vancouver with JUICEBOXdotcom contributor, Andrew W.K..

For more on Nardwuar, brush up on your Worst Mondays (and yer CanCon, for that matter). But for those up to speed, here’s more from the man who asked Crispin Glover if he slept in a coffin full of tar:

Best injury
Impetigo — which i felt really embarrassed by until i found out Amy Winehouse had it too. I was lucky, I had it on my belly. She had it on her face!

Best historical figure
‘Gassy Jack’ Deighton, who helped found the city of Vancouver! He got his name not because he farted, but because as a saloon keeper he talked a lot. (See: “Gassy Jack” by the Evaporators).

Best shirt
I borrowed a shirt from my friend Mark Kleiner of The Sister Lovers/Jungle/Mark Kleiner Power Trio. Not just any shirt, but the actual shirt that Peter Tork of the Monkees wore in the movie Head (Mark bought it years earlier at Monkees convention!). The icing on the cake was when I got to wear the shirt when I interviewed Peter Tork at the Skagit Valley County Fair in Mount Vernon, WA, U.S.!!

Best thing to do with $20
Buy this incredible “History of Rap” poster by Kagan McLeod.

Best party trick
My cat likes to lick earwax.

Best monster
Odorous of GWAR.

Best question ever asked of you in an interview. Now answer it:
Q: Did Dave, the guitarist of your band The Evaporators, really have Topper Headon of The Clash’s dad as a Headmaster in Dover, England?

A: Yes!

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