It’s been a while, good inter-chums. Why? Because it’s spring! If you look beside this text, you’ll see one of the first Google Image results for the word “spring”. That fresh-faced baby animal is expressing our general excitement at the end of the dark times here in dumpy, snowy Canada. Reading outside! Drinking outside! Concerts outside! We basically just move everything we do in basements to our backyard between the cars and the weeds. We have some major announcements coming up in the next few weeks: new records (including Hostage Life b-sides), new tours, and a bangin’ showcase for a big music festival that happens in Toronto in June. Plus, we’re going be to re-launching this site sometime in the summer, with real blogs, written with some degree of regularity, by real people. We think it’s an idea that could really catch on. In the meantime, would you like to read about how the government of a foreign country flew one of us across the ocean to talk to bands? Go ahead!

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