“FOUND: Canadian Tire $Money$”

From Craigslist Toronto:

Brief case full of Canadian tire money…one Dollar “bills” very neatly bundled up with those fat purple elastic bands generally used for broccoli. Also, blueprints for some kind of under ground bunker. The only other thing in the briefcase was a mini Etch-e-sketch on a key chain. No judgments people!

So if you can correctly answer at least 2 of the questions below; you must be the rightful owner and I will gladly return the case & contents to you.

1.What is the name of the country where the broccoli was grown? (they are all the same elastics)
2.Can you describe the case? (color, texture, handle(s) etc)
3.Address of the proposed bunker…
4.Bonus points if you care to tell me what the heck you are up to with this much Canadian tire money, who do you know in the broccoli biz, and just generally WTF?!?

I hate Canadian tire so I have no use for this money, I’m just not sure what else to do, so please come get your funny money. P.s. if this is some kind of weird Canadian tire mafia thing, I don’t want any trouble eh?

From San Diego:

Hello. I have a big box of used cat and kitten hats that I have collected over the years for various occasions. As of recently my cat, Snowman, is no longer living and thus I am forced to get rid of these precious memories. I would not feel right asking money for them so I am offering the whole box for free. There are many styles from formal to cute and funny.

There is a variety of 14 different hats total. I just hope you and your pet can find as much joy in these hats as me and Snowman once did.

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  1. cat prolly killed himself

  2. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well. Took me awhile to read all the comments.ugg broome boots sale for you !

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