We already told you to take August 14 off of work, life, and sobriety. Now we’re telling everyone else on the internets and letting a few details slip. We’re holding the whole caboodle until Monday morning, when we spam the shit out of mainstream press with hot tips and cool treats, but for now, this is all we’re saying:

  • a screening of the Best Canadian Film of All Time
  • the Bovine’s hardcore karaoke band (featuring members of Maximum RNR, Dayglo Abortions, …And Hell Followed, Drunkula, the Sinisters, Dirty Chinese Thieves) playing every song from the film
  • totally sweet guest vocalists (check back Monday, nerds)
  • prizes from, like, every punk record label in Canada (but really)
  • post-film Q+A with Bruce McDonald

    Shit’s already getting kind of out of hand, so it’s a pretty good idea to get on the Facebook Jamboree, which will keep you in the loop with with crucial deets like where to buy tickets (advance tickets?) and where to drink secretly in Roncesvalles. Seriously, RSVP and be cool. Then show up on August 14 in a home-made Modernettes t-shirt and feel the heat from my respect boner.

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    1. Sounds like a cool party! Who put it together? Try my best to attend

    2. humble juiceboxdotcom put it together

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