Old Stuff


JUICEBOXdotcom staff, c. 2008

For almost two years, we managed to run this site with a few posts a day, ranging from Tiger Beat-style interviews with Iggy Pop and Ron Jeremy to live-blogs of the Paris Hilton’s My New BFF finale and Obama’s presidential inauguration. We played around with Craigslist a bunch, had a pretty cute feature called Best Mondays/Worst Fridays that saw everyone from Damian Abraham to Warren Kinsella to Brian Lee O’Malley pass through, we convinced a pre-banana Andrew WK to become a contributor, attended as many dinosaur-related press events as we could, and threw some pretty sweet jams sometimes. Then we got tangled up in real jobs, the label, and the TV show, and our interest in discussing the finer points of celebrity sex tapes just kind of dwindled. But we’ve kept all the content produced in those two years archived here for your procrastination-induced perusal. Have fun.