‘LOOK, A VIDEO’ SATURDAYS [MONDAY EDITION!]: John McLaughlin is kind of a racist

And we’re back…

Everyone’s favourite really loud PBS guy is sort-of in almost-trouble again for being just a teensy bit racist during this weekend’s The McLaughlin Group (I know this is old news to every JUICEBOXdotcom reader, all of whom TiVo the fuck out of PBS at all times, so, sorry). You’d think the guy would have learned his lesson after making the statement (well, he was yelling) that “Warren G. Harding was a negro!” but it looks like that wasn’t enough.

In a discussion about Rev. Jesse Jackson’s FOX-News-boner-inducing comments that Barack Obama is talking down to black people and he’d like to “cut his nuts out,” McLaughlin called Obama an “Oreo,” which, for my mom, means a black person who is “white” on the inside (also presumably delicious and craved by pregnant women), and isn’t a terribly nice or not-racist thing for an old white man to say.

A spokesperson for the show keeps telling everyone McLaughlin was expressing Jackson’s views, not his own, but let’s not forget this guy was in the Nixon administration. So, he’s probably a douche.

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