Smells like a ludicrous idea

Four years ago, a few of us sat in our deep, stupid L-shaped couch at the old Juicebox Manor and joked about this project for Nuit Blanche. Every year, we would remember the idea, check the Nuit Blanche website, and realize we had missed the deadline for submissions by a week, or some similarly small, embarrassing amount of time. Then something happened. We remembered earlier. And we submitted the idea. And we were selected. Which is why we’re pleased to bring you Juicebox’s first performance art piece (!) as part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011: A Brief History of Rebellion. In short, we’re going to perform “Smells Like Teen Spirit” 144 consecutive times in the Toronto Underground Cinema. Yeah, we know.

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  1. […] idea salió adelante gracias a la gente de Juicebox, una discográfica bastante activa y que debe sentir verdadero amor por Nevermind y su gran hit. El […]

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