Popular Mechanix

I’m in the midst of trying to wrap my head around the early Winnipeg scene, which I knew little about (aside from the fact that it birthed the best hardcore band ever, Personality Crisis). But where did those prairie weirdos come from? Turns out they came from stuff like this – Popular Mechanix were one of the first punk-ish bands in the city, although, as you can see here, this isn’t quite the Sex Pistols (heads up, this footage comes from a reunion show). That said, it’s still light years ahead of Goddo or Trooper, and laid important groundwork in the city of Winnipeg for bands like Disharge, Lowlife, and, eventually Personality Crisis. They were a pioneering band in a city that wasn’t exactly welcoming of new musical styles, and they offered early punk bands some of their first shows opening up for them, by then an established force in the local music community.

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