Punk Book


DOA, c. 1980. Photo by Dean Kelly.

I’ve been working (slowly) for the past three years (plus) on a book about the formative years of Canadian punk rock. For now, it’s called Perfect Youth. The good people at ECW Press will be publishing it in 2012. Canada lacks a full literary account of its storied, politicized punk rock musical past, and it is an account that demands to be shared; the contributions of bands like D.O.A., the Viletones, and Personality Crisis equal those of their British and American peers, yet the overall story of Canada’s punk evolution remains untold in the Great Punk Book Canon. Perfect Youth travels across Canada to unearth the stories of the early wave of punk rock that cemented a national punk identity of bizarre, challenging, and isolated bands that continues to this day.

We’ll be posting more information (dates, 7″ releases, action figures) here as it becomes tangible, post-able information. Minutia, etc posted regularly to my Twitter.