“Punk is leather, lust and liquid”

I’ve spent the day combing through the archives of Ubessey, the student paper at University of British Columbia. Founded in 1918, every single issue of the paper is available as a PDF through the library’s online archive. It’s a pretty awesome (biblical usage) collection. I’m sure there’s some incredible non-punk-related gems in there, but I’m obviously tunnel vision-ing for some good photos and interviews with bands like D.O.A. and the Pointed Sticks. In my search, I came across this magical op-ed by Peter Menyasz from January, 1979, all about his experience at a Subhumans show. Titled “Punk is leather, lust and liquid,” it contains such golden journalistic nuggets as

Look closely at the band. You might as well look, there’s nothing worth listening to. The guitarist plays all five chords he’s learned while the bass player pounds his instrument.


Dance? Are you sure they’re dancing? All they’re doing is jumping up and down, arms rigidly held at their sides. Heads shake from side to side, and blank stares are the order of the day.


You flee in terror. Back in the club, the band has stopped playing and people are standing around, not sure what to do now. You feel vaguely sorry for them.

Full text is here [PDF]. Page four, and very much worth your time.

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