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In an attempt to get the music we love in this city (and a few other equally cool cities) heard by more people, we started a record label. Except we are cheap and poor, which, coupled with our youthful technological resourcefulness, means it’s an online-only, donation-based record label (although we do indulge in the occasional vinyl release, through Juicebox Vinyl, ’cause we’re super cool). It’s called Juicebox Recording Co.

100% of the money made from these releases goes to the bands that record them.


JB044 — The Best Of Aaron Zorgel & Friends: A Retrospective Yuletide Collection
JB043 — Prevenge / Shared Arms split 7″
JB042 — O Pioneers!!!: Complete Discography
JB041 — Arkells “Michigan Left (Bad Biz Remix)”
JB040 — Tightrope 7″
JB039 — Prevenge / Dig It Up
JB038 — Lost Cities: The Narrow Path
JB037 — Mark it Zero: Six Degrees of Separation
JB036 — Stuck Out Here: Last Night, This Morning
JB035 — Stay Home: Dinosaur City
JB034 — The Decay / Wayfarer
JB033 — The Roman Line: Pissing Into the Wind
JB032 — In Time: Daily Commute
JB031 — Free Healthy Care + MP3s II: Canadian Fest Comp
JB030 — Currents: Eastern Mass
JB029 — Gentlemen Husbands: Mirror Doll Business
JB028 — Orphan Choir: Everything in Past Tense
JB027 — Our Favourite Songs
JB026 — Monster Truck: EP
JB025 — Teenage Kicks: Shook Our Bones 7″
JB024 — Hostage Life: MPLA (COTU B-Side)
JB023 — Party At The Moontower: Fifty Year Storm
JB022 — Do It Yourself Vol. 3
JB021 — Stay Home: Cake EP
JB020 — Wayfarer: Our Fathers [BUY PHYSICAL COPY]
JB019 — The Decay: This Month’s Rent [BUY PHYSICAL COPY]
JB018 — Aaron Zorgel & Friends: Naughty/Nice – A Christmas Mixtape
JB017 — Dig It Up: Magnets
JB016 — Prevenge: It Happens All The Time
JB015 — Free Health Care + MP3s: Canadian Fest Comp
JB014 / JBV001 — Hostage Life: Centre of the Universe [BUY PHYSICAL COPY]
JB013 — Horses: Brotherly Love [BUY PHYSICAL COPY]
JB012 — Sewing With Nancie: 38 Songs
JB011 — Party At The Moontower: The O’Bannion EP
JB010 — The Video Dead: A Face For Radio… But Not The Songs
JB009 — Cool dad – Delaware
JB008 — Saint Alvia VS. Jeremy Chambers
JB007 — The Darcys: The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead
JB006 — Ulysses and the Siren: Eastern Magic, Western Minds [BUY PHYSICAL COPY]
JB005 — !ATTENTION!: Demo 2009
JB004 — LUM: EP 1
JB003 — The Little Millionaires: DIY is an STD
JB002 — Aaron Zorgel & Friends Present: 808s and Fruitcake!
JB001 — JUICEBOXdotcomp