JB002 — Aaron Zorgel & Friends Present: 808s and Fruitcake!


Courtesy of Mr. Aaron Zorgel: Over the past 5 years, I’ve recorded 4 albums worth of Christmas music with whomever I could convince it was a good idea (past albums available at funtimeinternet.com). Using it as an excuse to hang out over the holidays, I get together with my friends, apply liberal eggnog, and record something silly and festive. Sometimes I get submissions from friends who record stuff themselves in their own home studios. In the end, I throw all the tracks on a CD-R with some DIY packaging, distribute it at local shows for free or PWYC, and toss the whole thing online for free download. This year just might be the strongest effort yet.



01. Regent Royale feat. Tyler “Baby Jesus” Wade “We 3 Kings”
02. First Rate People “The 2nd Annual First Rate People Holiday Office Party”
03. Elliot Carol Chow & Aaron Zorgel “Funky, Funky Christmas”
04. Nate Jones & Aaron Zorgel “The Little Dealer Boy”
05. Sounds Like BS “BS Christmas”
06. Jordan Howard “This Good Night Is Still Everywhere To Me”
08. Kelly McCluskey & Aaron Zorgel “It Feels Like Christmas”
09. Michael Siegrist “O Holy Blanket”
10. Girlettes “Bling King Wenceslas”
11. Darcy Streitenfeld & Aaron Zorgel “The Grinch”
12. The Cuban Missile Crisis Dance Party feat. Snacky The Raccoon “Still N.I.C.”
13. Shaun Axani “Christmas Time Is Here”
14. Kim Black, Kerri Black, Lindsey Kuglin, Nate Jones, Aaron Zorgel “Mary Had A Baby”
15. Doug Nayler, Dave Snider, Michael Siegrist “Friendly Beasts”
16. Lemonade Parade “Anyone Else But Santa”
17. Aaron Zorgel & Shelly Zorgel “Blue Christmas”

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