JB004 — LUM: EP 1


Courtesy of Liam Sanagan, aka LUM: I think somewhere along the way I dared myself to make a dance song out of folk music, and that what I’ve been doing ever since. This EP (EP 1, or The Fruit EP, maybe) is the result of a couple of years of writing songs on guitar and messing around on the computer, making beats for my Korean rapper friend. I owe a lot to my parents, especially my Dad, who cleared a space in their stuffy basement for a studio space, even erecting a rickety recording booth with sleeping bags and a shower curtain. There were a dozen spiders chilling on my mic at all times, I probably breathed in a few.

In the spirit of my parents’ basement, the music is probably best suited for intimate moments as opposed to sweaty crowd moments. Dance music for buses, bedrooms and beaches. Like an afternoon make-out session vs. first base in the DJ booth.

Love, LUM



01. Timbaland
02. 00 after 20
03. Reaction
04. Free & Easy

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