JB006 — Ulysses and the Siren: Eastern Magic, Western Minds


Peter van Helvoort has been a good friend of ours for a long time. His music has always been challenging at times when his chosen genre frowned on whatever new directions he was exploring, which is why people have consistently given a shit about his projects, like Cain and Abel and (early) Most Serene Republic. Being a part of this latest endeavor rules, because it’s easily the strongest music he’s ever made, everyone we play it for digs it, and Peter’s a sweet dude. Get into it.

Courtesy of Peter van Helvoort: This EP was never expected to reach any sort of culmination. Whether it was a dizzying amount of changes to the songs or our lack of members to play said songs with, it never occurred to Christian and I that our new band (and I use the term “band” lightly) would ever see the light of day. The fact that the four songs that comprise Eastern Magic, Western Minds even sound remotely relevant to one another is astonishing to me, because they were all written months apart. The EP is about the living parody my life had become since our last musical endeavor and borders on all the things we needed our music to project in order to make playing music fun again. The eight month process of writing just over four songs came to a climax when two close friends of ours, Brian and Brent Wirth, saved the day and helped us record the EP live off the floor in just over a day. I can now say, with great pleasure, that playing music is fun again. Enjoy.



01. Karma Eater
02. Tuneage of the Great Many
03. Lonesome Friends
04. Indian Summertime Blues

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