JB007 — The Darcys: The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead


The Darcys live up the street from us. They have one great full-length record called Endless Water that they recorded in a children’s museum. Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star described it as “Thom-Yorke-does-Crazy-Horse,” a sweet quote that will probably live in their bio for some time. They’re currently demoing obsessively for their follow-up. This Final Fantasy cover regularly closes out their live set, rocks the shit, and has the blessing of Mr. Owen Pallet himself. For a time period of about two weeks. Which is why we’re stoked to present to you, for the first time in Juicebox Recording Co. history, the storied, illustrious limited-time download. You’ve got two weeks to tell everyone you love that this exists. Go.

Courtesy of the Darcys: At some point along the way, the concept of home loses the sturdy foundations that it maintained in childhood. There is less and less of a place that you can point to and say, “this is my home”. Being in a band further emphasizes that loss. Travel makes home seem more circumstantial. I could just as easily be living elsewhere. There are other streets that could feel as familiar as these ones do. There are other bars and other neighbours, other graffiti and other houses. The things that feel familiar and assured, the things that allow for that sense of belonging aren’t specific to me and yet, home retains some semblance of its magic and its meaning. I still want to come home. I still feel at home. It is just that now, we project that meaning out on to the world. We allow home to protect and to re-assure. We allow its comfort and its familiarity free up the energy necessary to love, to create and to be in the world. This is a song about the place we can come home to.


01. CN Tower Belongs To The Dead