JB009 — Cool dad: Delaware

Album art by Alison Creba


Cool dad are our best friends. If that’s not enough (and really, what is?), this drum-and-organ garage duo of Haligonian ex-pats — namely Greg Woolner and Alex Melnyk — was born of a traumatic move from Halifax to Toronto, resulting in the dissolution of their four-piece “improvisational noise junk band” of the same name. Now re-establishing as a two-piece, they’re headed on a sweet lil festival jaunt this summer after being asked to play Over the Top (Toronto, ON), Sled Island (Calgary, AB), and the EVOLVE Music Festival (Antigonish, NS). It’s really only a matter of time before they stop letting us record rough demos for them in exchange for food & beer. Just go watch them play live.

Courtesy of Cool dad:

Delaware is about leaving a place you love

finding a new one

getting drunk on the way and

feeling like it’s all a waste of time.

Delaware is a shitty street in the North Annex.

For fans of power duos: eggs and bacon, sideburns and moustache, wayne and garth, pork chops and apple sauce, man and woman.



01. Agricola
02. Moncton
03. Lookin’ For A House
04. Wastin’ Away

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