JB010 — The Video Dead: A Face For Radio… But Not The Songs

Album art by Ben Rispin and Cole Rispin


In 2006, I called the Video Dead “one of the best punk bands currently making the rounds in Southern Ontario” in a live review I wrote for my other job. I just got back from watching them play, and they remain one of the best bands currently making the rounds in Southern Ontario. They’re every bit as furious and vital sounding today as they were when they formed in 2002. Featuring former members Burlington punk notables Trunk, Cutoff, and Always Outnumbered, the Video Dead have been an angry suburban punk rock force to be reckoned with since the day of their inception, and it is our insane pleasure to bring you this, the band’s complete discography. While the band will be all coy and modest about a lot of this material, they’re just being dicks. This rules, and we’ve been unbelievably stoked to be a part of it ever since it got tossed out as a drunken possibility one night at the bar.

Watch out for the band’s upcoming full-length, Damn Disco, to blow your face off your heart some time in the very near future.

Courtesy of Mr. Ben Rispin and the Video Dead:

We are very apprehensive and not too excited to share a lot of this material with you. We can’t wait to hear some of the negative feedback! I’m kidding around but… not really.

So Sam Sutherland, my co-worker, friend and spiritual guide cooked up this little scheme one night over cheap beers at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto. In a sea of v-neck undershirts, new wave haircuts, girls with chest tattoos and, of course, nachos painted with stale vegetables: “Why doesn’t Video Dead release some stuff on Juiceboxdotcom.com?” Sam purposed, “If you guys are coming out with a new record (Damn Disco), maybe this would be a good way to get a little internet hype going for the Video Dead?”

Being a creature driven solely by my instincts I immediately thought, “Maybe.”

Sure enough I talked it over with Matt, Greg, Barney and Jesse and everyone agreed that Sam’s idea was really, really, really, okay. Having lived our whole lives in mediocre existence, we thought this par for the course.



The Video Dead (2002)
01. Paradise Lose
02. Boy Eats Girl
03. Centuries Of Catholic Wrongs Don’t Make A Right
04. Let’s Go (Fist Fuck Your Face)
05. Reinforcement Channel
06. Breed The New Anthem

Shogun Sessions (2003)
01. Fuck It, Let’s Funnel
02. Left In The Dark
03. Scene Kid Target Practice / Too Bad Screensavers Can’t Save Lives
04. The Legend Of Billy Tipton
05. You Suck, Pantera Rules

Live at Moe’s Tavern (2003)
01. The Further Adventures Of Diesel & Dave
02. Boy Eats Girl
03. Centuries Of Catholic Wrongs Don’t Make A Right
04. Drink Beer, Smoke Pot
05. Let’s
06. Paradise Lost
07. Public Service Announcement (featuring Sean McNab)
08. Reinforcement Channel
09. Scene Kid Target Practice
10. You Suck, Pantera Rules
11. Breed The New Anthem

617 EP (2004)
01. Jesus Saves
02. Gooz Frabba
03. Rad, Like Tony Alva Rad
04. The Further Adventures Of Diesel & Dave

Brotherhood Of The Dead (2004/2005)
01. Cover Me, I’m Going In
02. Like The Cover Of Damaged
03. Suckubus
04. The Brethren
05. I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
06. Little Fish In A Big Pond
07. Gooz Frabba
08. The Legend Of Billy Tipton
09. Rad, Like Tony Alva Rad
10. www.jesussaves.com/kids
11. This Friendship Flag Is At Half Mast
12. Breed The New Anthem

Damn Disco Demos (2009)
01. Mexemo
02. Cry Me A Rivers Cuomo
03. Untitled

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