JB011 — Party At The Moontower: The O’Bannion EP


This is the first time we’ve ever released anything by a band outside of our little home sphere of Toronto (and its beautiful suburban expanse). Party At The Moontower actually couldn’t be from anywhere much further from Toronto. They’re from Vancouver. So we assume this means that they all jog and snowboard, eat well and smoke lots of pot. We do know they wrote a fully kick-ass EP and when our mutual friend Adam Kreeft sent it our way we were like, “Whoa, this is really good.” And now we’re releasing it. So obviously it’s pretty good. Like, pretty really good. The deal-sealer was the fact that these dudes seem to be only people who like Dazed and Confused more than us. Impressive, boys. Welcome home.

Courtesy of Mr. Shaun Maguire and Party At The Moontower:

The O’Bannion EP is a loving tribute to our favorite asshole. Five songs detailing the sordid potentialities of Fred O’Bannion’s life outside of the film Dazed and Confused were put to hard drive by Jonathan Heath over two days sometime in the winter of 2009 (while the exact dates escape me, I seem to remember the first day being the same that George St. Pierre kicked the shit out of that Hawaiian guy, and that the second day we were giving Benji the gears). What was originally meant to be pre-production was quickly deemed “album worthy” and taken to Stu McKillop at The Hive for some overdubs, mixing and “prettying up”, a.k.a. “meanening up” (also known as thickening). With the $459.87 we hope to accrue from touring and busting our asses supporting The O’Bannion EP for the next two years, we plan on hiring Peter Steele to produce our debut full length effort, tentatively titled …k….



01. Y’all Ready To Bust Some Ass
02. Ducks On The Pond
03. There Were Some Ruffians About
04. Y’all Hear This Fucker’s Mom Pulled A Shotgun On My Ass? Fuckin’ Bitch
05. Kick Your Fuckin’ Ass Right Now

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