JB012 — Sewing With Nancie: 38 Songs


Holy shit I loved this band. They existed in the background of my high school years and the year I graduated, they totally changed everything they were doing, dropped the goofy pop-punk, and changed their name to the Reason. Since then they’ve seen a big ol’ mountain of success crash into their faces, but these songs, representing a much goofier, NOFX-loving time in their lives, hold a special place in a lot of other people’s goofy, NOFX-loving hearts. We’re happy to be able to release this complete discography as the band embarks on a reunion/farewell tour, hitting six cities and retiring these songs for the last time. That part sucks, but this part rules.

Courtesy of Mr. Adam White and Sewing With Nancie:

So this is it.

After six and a half years we have decided to do this one last time. When Sewing With Nancie was at our peak, we were playing over two hundred shows a year, having the times of our young lives. After a few weeks on the Warped Tour back in 2002, the songs and the sets grew tiresome, and we all needed something new. The new songs we were writing sounded nothing like classic SWN. We were tired, bored, and needed a change. We changed our name, stopped playing all SWN songs, and here we are, many member changes later, many albums later, as The Reason.

One night while sitting shotgun in our van drunk on the way home from a Reason show, Cubby, Ronson and myself put in The Same Three Chords for the first time in probably five years. We laughed, sang along, and remembered all the good times that came along with being a part of SWN. We decided that the next time The Reason was on any sort of break, we were gonna do it. A proper reunion. I feel now that it wasn’t fair how we just sort of “peaced out” back in ’02, with no warning, no final shows, just nothing. The purpose of these reunion shows is most definitely to party, have fun, soak up a little nostalgia, and give Sewing With Nancie the proper funeral it deserves, with the final show and final song being played where it all began: Windsor, Ontario.

To commemorate this whole thing, our buddies at Juicebox and myself have decided to release 38 SWN songs on Juicebox Recording Co. so anyone that wants to remember SWN can download the “discography” and hold on to these songs for as long as you like.

So that’s it. End of this month it will all be over, once and for all. The four of us are super stoked to be doing this one last time. Thanks to all you guys who came out to shows back in the day, all the bands we ever partied with, and those of you who are still with us to this day. It’s been a fun ride, and now its done. For good this time.


July 10 – Ottawa @ Zaphods
July 11 – Toronto @ The Bovine Sex Club
July 17 – Guelph @ Shadow
July 18 – Hamilton @ The Casbah
July 24 – London @ Call The Office
July 31 – Windsor @ The Chubby Pickle



Out For Gary (1998)
1. Space Cadet
2. Boyz in Blue
3. Forty Hours Away
4. Karate King
This is probably the first recording we did that I am still proud of to this day. Includes what probably was the inspiration for “Dave Stieb”, the song “Boyz in Blue”. Listen and hear how many old Blue Jays are named. Only 100 copies of Out For Gary were made, but “Space Cadet” and “Forty Hours Away” appear on a 7″, and all four songs also appear on the Ballpark Frank cassette.

Lod Rudos EP (1999)
1. 36 km (early version)
2. Sweet Shelby
3. My Car (early version)
4. Spazzy
5. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
6. Dave Stieb (early version)
First record we recorded with longtime drummer John Oleynik. We pressed only 200 of these, and it includes recordings from 3 different sessions.

The Same Three Chords (2000)
1. Sorry in Advance
2. My Car
3. Naive
4. Fake Girl
5. Starbucks Sucks
6. Like a Prayer (Madonna)
7. Big Shot
8. Shut Up
9. Sweet Shelby
10. 36km
11. What You Get
12. Dave Stieb
13. Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper)
14. High School Yearbook
This is my most favourite thing we ever did. It was written and recorded during mine and Ronson’s final year of high school. All of these songs remind me of something very specific from back then. Good times were had, bad times were shrugged off. The SWN bible.

Value Pack EP (2001)
1. La Isla Bonita (Madonna)
2. In My Room (Beach Boys)
3. Bad Connection (Yaz)
4. Don’t Stop Believing (Journey)
5. Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio)
6. Growing Pains (TV Theme)
We started throwing in lots of covers at shows, and as a merch idea for our first ever North American tour with our friends Ruth’s Hat, decided to release a split EP of six cover songs from each band. This was probably the most fun I had in a studio with SWN, and that first real tour was one none of us will ever forget.

Take A Look At Yourself (2002)
1. One Time Use
2. Downsview
3. On Your Mark
When we signed to Fastmusic back in 2002, they wanted to re-release The Same Three Chords. We thought that since it was a few years after the fact, to replace a few of the songs on that record with some newer songs we had recorded. These are those three songs.

Silence Is Bliss EP (2002)
1. Silence is Bliss
2. Leave Today
3. Where the Streets Have No Name (U2)
The last recording we ever did, and the first one with Cubby as a member of the band. These songs never “officially” got released. We gave away some burned copies on the Warped Tour that year, and even played these songs on the first Reason tour. “Silence is Bliss” features Ronson screaming. Probably the most pissed off you’ll ever see him…

1. I Think We’re Alone Now
2. Total Eclipse of the Heart
These come from The Same Three Chords sessions. We recorded four covers and picked the best two to be on the album, and these were left over. They never really got released, so here they are.

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