JB015 — Free Health Care + MP3s: Canadian Fest Comp


Courtesy of Mr. Aaron Zorgel:
When Juicebox Manor house band Junior Battles got into Fest 8, we were beyond stoked. As if that wasn’t enough, some of our best-band-buds from Canada got in too. We had already talked about recording some new demos to have online before Fest, so when we noticed the plethora of good northern friends coming along for the ride to Gainesville, Florida, we thought it might be a sweet opportunity to team up and to spread the word about good Canadian punk music. In past years, the Canuck contingent has topped out at one, so to have seven bands participating in Fest 8 was amazing. So here it is: a compilation featuring all but one* of the Canadian bands playing Fest this year. Enjoy, and spread the word!

* The only Canadian band headed to Fest that isn’t featured on the comp? Some dicks named The Flatliners. To be fair, they’ve given us enough. And they’re not dicks. Seriously, we’re friends.



01. Living With Lions “A Bottle of Charades” (from Make Your Mark)
02. Junior Battles “Basements” (previously unreleased)
03. Junior Battles “Update Your Resume” (previously unreleased)
04. Hostage Life “Paper Citizen” (from Centre of the Universe)
05. Hostage Life “New Drugs” (from Centre of the Universe)
06. Vicious Cycle “Blur” (from Pale Blue Dot)
07. Vicious Cycle “The Waiting” (from Pale Blue Dot)
08. Dig It Up! “Missing People” (from Magnets)
09. Dig It Up! “Oh No!” (from Magnets)
10. Carpenter “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” (from Law of the Land)
11. Carpenter “Until The Sun’s Up” (from Law of the Land)

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