JB016 — Prevenge: It Happens All The Time


We met Prevenge through our friends in Horses. They hooked up a weekend where we [Juicebox house band Junior Battles] played Toronto and Sudbury together, and from the moment we performed “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs together on Rock Band at some dude’s apartment across from the Silver Dollar, we were smitten. Besides being a great live band that kicks out really vitriolic versions of Big Drill Car-type punk rock, they are all the best dudes. And it rules to get drunk or just enjoy being straight edge with them, depending on which dude you’re hanging with that night and whether or not you’re driving. They are a truly great band full of truly great people.

Courtesy of Mr. Chris Snelgrove and Prevenge:

Karine was 6 months pregnant when this was recorded. She gave birth to a handsome little man who was incubated in pure, heartfelt punk rock, so the making of this record had nothing but positive vibes to it, and I feel it shows through in the songs. This was the first time in the studio for both Joey and Alex and although for most it may have seemed like a daunting task, they both did really well. This studio was built inside a friend of ours’ house and I helped him build it, so I was really stoked that we got to be one of the first bands to record in it. In total we recorded 11 songs, two of which went on our split 7” with Horses, one didn’t make the cut at all, and the other eight are here. We were fortunate enough to enlist the help of Montreal living legend Malcolm Bauld to play piano, harmonica, and accordion on “The End.”

We are really happy to have met the kids from Juicebox this past year because they share the same passion as we do for making music and good times. We feel genuinely honoured to be releasing It Happens All The Time with them, so thanks all, and enjoy. Stay Rad!



01. The Pills
02. Half To Black
03. Not This Time
04. Full Retreat
05. Un P’tit Laid
06. One Day At A Time
07. Sense of Blood
08. The End

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