JB017 — Dig It Up: Magnets


We [Juicebox house band Junior Battles] met Dig It Up in Brockville, Ontario, at one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. The promoter was breaking out in hives while his girlfriend sat outside the venue sulking. So when Dig It Up set up alongside the Video Dead to trade songs for their respective sets, we knew we had made some new, shred-loving friends. We had heard murmurs of this new face-melting punk ‘n’ roll band from Montreal, but Dig It Up were the real shit: they were a sonic fucking wrecking ball, and they were super dudes and ladies to boot. We managed to trade some shows since then, and ever time they hit the stage, they turn from five really sweet Quebecois kids into five ludicrous rock machines. It’s so good it’s stupid. We love ’em.

Courtesy of Mr. Dave MacPherson-Adams and Dig It Up:

We’re Dig It Up from Montreal. The last year has been tons of fun for us, as we’ve been tearing back and forth across Quebec, Ontario and the US playing shows with our buds from all over. When we recorded Magnets, we weren’t really sure what would come of it, but everything since has been so rad. We’ve met such amazing people, played in cities that we would have never visited had it not been for this band, and have partied hard along the way. We’re really excited to be working with the sweet folks at Juicebox, a label with so many great bands, many of whom are our good friends. Thanks for taking time to listen to us and all the other JBRC bands. Tell all your friends. Cheers.



01. Oh No!
02. A Thousand Words
03. Aristocrats
04. Love & Whiskey
05. Missing People

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