JB018 — Aaron Zorgel & Friends: Naughty/Nice – A Christmas Mixtape

Courtesy of Mr. Aaron Zorgel:

Instead of getting all long-winded and sentimental here, I’m gonna get in and out real quick, like Santa does it. This is the 5th Christmas Album I’ve recorded, and it’s the second time the album has been available for free online courtesy of the Juicebox Recording Company. I have really talented friends, and I don’t think I’d get anything accomplished without ‘em.



01. Kalan Vuksanovich & David Partridge “Deck The Hells”
02. Aaron Zorgel & James Gallagher “Marley & Marley”
03. Gravity Wave feat. Elliot Caroll “The Devil May Carol”
04. “Christmas With Babe Sheckler – Pt. 1”
05. The Missionary Kids “St. Nick Hates Killer Coca Cola”
06. Kris Haig-Brown & Catherine Wilkinson “Not This Christmas”
07. Cool dad “Old Man Winter”
08. Adrian Marynissen “Scrooge 2009”
09. Charliehorse “Christmas Blues”
10. “Christmas With Babe Sheckler – Pt. 2”
11. Claire Ward-Beveridge, Hannah Ward-Beveridge, Tamsen Fields “The
Island Of Misfit Toys”
12. Burnt Norton “A Very Glenhurst Christmas Eve”

01. Aaron Zorgel “Sometimes You Have To Work On Christmas (Sometimes)”
02. Prevenge & Friends * “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?”
03. Tim Clarke & Jonathon Gates “The Cat Carol”
04. The Roman Line “The Other Side Of The World”
05. “Christmas With Babe Sheckler – Pt. 3”
06. Travis Taylor feat. Amanda Lewis “Kamikaze Economy Christmas”
07. Billy & Dad (Jeremy Mersereau and Ryan Healy) “The Lonely Saint”
08. Kim Black, Lindsey Kuglin, Aaron Zorgel “Merry Christmas Baby (Live)”
09. Bashy Cab feat. Dang Dang (Ryan Bannon, Jason Campbell, Chris
Gillis) “Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing”
10. “Christmas with Babe Sheckler – Pt. 4”
11. Gavin Slate “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”
12. Lemonade Parade “Little Boxes (From Santa)”

* Prevenge’s Friends: Jen Wicks, Steve Shremel, Mark Panet, Hugo Belzile, Jonah Aspler, Hans Jean-Charles, Marie Eve and Thibault “The Baron” Duchene.

Artwork by Kris Haig-Brown.

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