JB020 — Wayfarer : Our Fathers



I had seen Wayfarer play live a handful of times, but it was the first time I heard them play “The Hunger”, the song the closes out Our Fathers, that I was all, “Holy shit, we need to put out this band’s records.” There’s some blatant Hot Water Music worship happening hear (check the name, natch), but it’s songs like “The Hunger” that make bands stand out from their predecessors and prove that you can wear your influences on your sleeve and still make vital, amazing music. Plus, Kyle is the nicest dude. I bet the rest of the band is super-nice, too, but I mostly just talk to Kyle.

Courtesy of Mr. Kyle Krische and Wayfarer:

This record was written between awful shows, van troubles, flooded jam rooms, new cities, new relationships and old ways of thinking. It was recorded when we couldn’t stand each other, when we wanted to take time back a year and when we couldn’t picture doing this with anyone else. The record was preformed under the conditions it was written, even when we sometimes forgot what the words meant. It is what is left after everything has changed, focused on the things that stayed the same.

We couldn’t be happier working alongside Juicebox Recording Co. and all these great bands, being able to bring you this record for free. Please, download it, send it to your friends and have them do the same with every band on this site. Help turn the music industry back into a community.



01. Our Hands
02. Watch You Bloom
03. Salvation
04. Still Eyes
05. On and By
06. The Stranger
07. Same Kids
08. Power In The Ground
09. Arts and Warcrafts
10. The Hunger

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