JB023 — Party At The Moontower: Fifty Year Storm


We released the first EP from Vancouver darlings Party at the Moontower on a recommendation from a mutual friend; a few months later, they were on tour with Juicebox house-band Junior Battles, Juicebox alum Justin Taylor was playing bass in their band, and they were getting drunk in our living room. When we heard these songs they had recorded for a follow-up, we were amazed how much they had grown into themselves, and how the continued production genius of Stu McKillop makes their songs sound ready to eat your balls for breakfast. We’re incredibly excited to be a part of the digital release of this record, and are beyond stoked that this will receive a proper vinyl release as a 7″. Get your wallets, brains, and turntables ready.

Courtesy of Brian and Party At The Moontower:

Fifty Year Storm, unlike our last record, has no underlying theme. We have decided that themes are dumb. In the interest of avoiding themes at all costs, we have written five songs that are completely unrelated. However, we ran the risk of that in itself becoming a theme. So one of the tracks references subject matter touched upon on our last record. That being somewhat “themey” actually guarantees that our new album is legitimately without theme. When enjoying this album (which we sincerely hope you do), you can rest assured that you are in no way shape or form being subjected to anything cohesive.



01. Fifty Year Storm
02. DMC
03. Shipyards
04. Mitchy Mitchy Mitchy
05. Diller County

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