JB026 — Monster Truck: EP


So, this is obviously really, really fun. And the cover art pretty accurately captures the feeling of these four songs. We have a soft spot for bands that start and en excuse to just have fun and end up being awesome, because the big thing that eats music alive today is the unbelievably calculated nature of 99% of it. Monster Truck is calculated only to be fun as hell. So, rad.

Courtesy of Jeremy and Monster Truck:

Recorded live off the floor in Brooklyn NY in June of 2010 by Gus van Go and Werner F.

What started as a fun side project has turned into a passionate mission. We hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as we enjoy(ed) making them.

Love MT.



01. Lethal Weapon Cop Car
02. Death Mistake
03. Runnin’
04. Space Nebula

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