JB027 — Our Favourite Songs


This is probably the most excited we’ve ever been for a release (which is saying a lot), because it truly captures the spirit of friendship, community, and general radness that this whole website was started with. Aaron came up with this idea and then ran with it; every single song here was recorded for the express purpose of being on this compilation, a few of them even tracked by Aaron himself in our practice space. It rules. And look at that artwork, eh?

Courtesy of Mr. Aaron Zorgel:
Given that many of us spent our youth listening to punk and its associated sub-genres, we seem to be hitting an interesting stage where a lot of bands today are formed on feelings of nostalgia. More and more bands are described as “______ worship” or “throwback (genre)” or whatever. And even for bands who are trying to respectfully transcend their influences, I think it’s pretty interesting to hear them talk about their favourite bands / records. So in the spirit of giving away more free music via the Internetz, I thought it’d be cool to coax a bunch of Juicebox Recording Co. buddy bands into recording something for a cover song compilation. What we have in the end is a super fun, and telling collection of influences. And as if it wasn’t obvious / indulgent enough, the liner notes come with a blurb directly from each band, detailing why they chose to cover the song they did. It was really fun to make and pull together, and hopefully that translates. Also, let the record show that I wanted to call this compilation Pop-Punk Boner Origins but Sam wouldn’t let me.



01. !ATTENTION! “Pathetic (Blink 182 cover)”
02. Wayfarer “Seventy Times 7 (Brand New cover)”
03. Dig It Up “Bleed American (Jimmy Eat World cover)”
04. The Decay “Insensitive (Jann Arden cover)”
05. Shit Hawk “Hybrid Moments (Misfits cover)”
06. Shared Arms “Why Does Banana Get Shotgun? (Live) (The Fullblast cover)”
07. Mockingbird Wish Me Luck “What Was Behind (The Hated cover)”
08. Stuck Out Here “Hit The Switch (Bright Eyes cover)”
09. The Roman Line “All The Best (John Prine cover)”
10. Elle XF “Anarchy Means That I Litter (Atom and His Package cover)”
11. Junior Battles “F.O.D. (Green Day cover)”

“I listened to Insensitive… it was great…” – JANN ARDEN


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