JB028 — Orphan Choir: Everything in Past Tense


The first time I ever saw Orphan Choir was also the first time I ever saw Horses. It was in the back of a skate shop in Kensington Market, and both bands blew me away by taking all the frenetic energy of the punk I grew up with and combining it was a wider musical perspective, drawing on the new kind of music we had all been slowly discovering as we crawled out of our Epi-Fat teenage bedrooms. We had the good fortune of touring alongside Orphan Choir a few years later, and it was a pleasure to discover they were also the nicest people to ever emerge from Windsor, Ontario. This is cool as hell.

Courtesy of Mr. Jim Meloche and Orphan Choir:

We got lucky. The seven inches came quick for us. Some very kind (or foolish) people liked what we were doing, and we had a steady string of vinyl following us right out the gate. I think it’s the ideal format, a quick snapshot of what a band is up to at that moment in time. But unfortunately in today’s musical climate, its not always the best way of “delivering your music to the masses.” So we present you with this digital bastardization that will fit neatly into your gadgets, doohickeys, and interweb machines.

I won’t bother with self deprecation. They’re not all gems, but they’re building blocks nonetheless. “Burning Ash Again” is still one of my favourite things we’ve released. The collection’s titular track from the demo rips in all its messy glory. The unreleased track from the LP session is the definition of a b-side, but Stu’s production and added vocals around 2:30 almost save the song, almost. Tracks 9 and 10 were a shits and giggles writing reunion with original guitarist Jeff. “Cheap Souvenirs” is a live glimpse of what’s to come. There you have it folks. Dig in, chew carefully.



Split 7” w/ the Establishment (No Scene/Tragicomedy)
01. Fatigue Monologues
02. Haunt the Highway

Split 7” w/ Unwelcome Guests (Salinas)
03. Burning Ash Again

Split 7” w/ the Amistad (Document/Records Or It Didn’t Happen)
04. Groundbreaking Ceremony
05. Cross Your Fingers (acoustic)

Split 7” w/ Whiskey Trench (Vinyl Addict)
06. Cold Book of Matches
07. Broken Upright Piano

Unreleased track from the Orphan Choir LP session
08. Untitled

Unreleased. Broken Strings based on “The Shoelace‘ by Charles Bukowski.
09. Broken Strings
10. Truck Stop Vows 2

Live audio from “Rose City Sessions” video project
11. Cheap Souvenirs (live)

Demo 2006
12. Cross Your Fingers
13. Truck Stop Vows
14. Everything in Past Tense
15. Owl’s Lullaby

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