JB029 — Gentlemen Husbands: Mirror Doll Business


The most interesting part of running this site is getting to meet new people. We know Gentlemen Husbands through Peter van Helvoort, who has released two records through JBRC; the amazing EP from Ulysses and the Siren, and an incredible two-song single from Teenage Kicks. Gentlemen Husbands come from the same suburban punk scene, and have similarly evolved and started playing throwback, classic rock and roll. And thanks to this silly website, we all get to be friends.

Courtesy of Gentlemen Husbands:

We are Gentlemen Husbands from Cobourg, Ontario and everything about this EP has been created by friends. From the original recording, to mixing and mastering, right down to the photography, album artwork and even grant applications… so we figured when it came time to release it what better way than with a company / community like Juicebox! Especially on the recommendation of the two most recently released records from bands we consider not just “bros” but actual genuine friends – Teenage Kicks and Monster Truck. So anyway, here’s to old friends for making this happen and hopefully new ones in Sam and the rest of the JBRC crew… we couldn’t be more happy to be doing it this way!



01. Mirror Doll Business
02. Goin’ to Church
03. Family Economics
04. Woodwork
05. Ramblin’ Andy
06. Bad Girl

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