JB030 — Currents: Eastern Mass


We get sent a lot of records. Some of them are amazing, and sometimes, they’re not. Sometimes, we just miss stuff; it ends up in a spam folder, you forget to listen to the third record in a pile of nine others, or you get tired and put on the Japandroids record instead. Currents was one of the bands we somehow totally missed; after Sean at Concession sent me their new 7″, I totally missed the boat, and it was only when he followed up to ask me what I thought that I remember to give it a spin. And it’s fucking amazing. So the lesson here is: organize your life, get some kind of system in place, and try to listen to all the music you can, or you’re going to keep missing amazing new bands like this one.

Courtesy of Concession Records:

Currents can be described as an old soul with youthful drive and ambition. Their sincerity graces the elegance of Sunny Day Real Estate, while their energy and aggression resemble that of an early Planes Mistaken for Stars. Their new 7″, Eastern Mass (Concession Records), resonates as a mental storm; the acoustic representation of futility and what it is to be a rational, thinking being. A confident journey through over analytical analysis and questioning of life’s follies and vulnerabilities.



01. I Weigh As You Do
02. Good Morning
03. Eastern Mass

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