JB031 — Free Health Care + MP3s II: Canadian Fest Comp


We did this for the first time last year because we were excited that so many Canadians bands were playing at beardpunk Burning Man, and in the past, Northern representation had topped out at one. Last year, seven Canadians bands made the trek to the swamps of Florida, and this year, there are thirteen. Clearly, we’re invading their stupid country. This compilation is designed to celebrate our continuing conquest, and includes tracks from eleven of the bands headed to Fest 9 (Vicious Cycle didn’t have any tracks to contribute, but can still be found last year’s collection, and Trigger Effect are just impossible to get in touch with, but I assure you, are an incredible fucking band).



01. Shared Arms “Both Hands” (from III Sessions)
02. The Flatliners “Monumental” (from Cavalcade)
03. Junior Battles “Passing Out” (from Junior Battles / O Pioneers!!! split 7″)
04. Burning Love “Gain” (from Songs for Burning Lovers)
05. Mockingbird Wish Me Luck “CastleFlattener” (previously unreleased)
06. Carpenter “Mean Things” (from Sea to Sky)
07. Saint Alvia “Bad Apples” (previously unreleased)
08. The Sainte Catherines “Theme Song for Another Brown Tuesday” (from The Soda Machine)
09. O Pioneers!!! “Hey, That’s My Blood” (from Junior Battles / O Pioneers!!! split 7″)
10. The Snips “Tired Tires” (from Blackouts)
11. Vilipend “Plague Bearer” (from Plague Bearer)

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