JB032 — In Time: Daily Commute


I know Paul through playing pretty endlessly with his more punkabilly-type band, the Roman Line, who are absolutely great. But dude’s got a faster side, and we were really excited when he approached us to release the new full-length from his hardcore outfit, In Time. It’s great record, and probably has some of my favourite cover art ever included on this site. Plus, his explanation of the recording process just makes me like it more.

Courtesy of Mr. Paul Pavlek and In Time:

This record was recorded over various Saturdays over the course of six or so months wherever we could find a place to record. Whether it was in a fancy studio or in our friend Adam’s bedroom, we did as much as we could with what little time we had. Through all the starts and stops we’ve had to endure because of our busy schedules this band has always been about one thing – best friends spending time together. Sometimes that time was spend at a venue in front of people and other times it was spent jumping around and yelling like idiots in a rehearsal space. This record is the culmination of that time spent. Hope you like it because we do.



01. Intro/Without Cover
02. Daily Commute
03. I’ll Survive
04. Genocide
05. Keep it Together
06. Breakaway
07. Good Lonely Day
08. My Decline
09. Downtime
10. We Are Assailants

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