JB033 — The Roman Line: Pissing Into the Wind

Pissing Into the Wind: Demos, Outtakes and Other Crap from the Roman Line


The Roman Line were one of the best bud-bands we had. They were great dudes and they wrote great songs and worked super hard and this stupid city never gave them enough respect. When we found out they were breaking up instead of recording the amazing record that these demos were hinting at, it was actually a totally shocking bummer. I guess you just assume that you and your friends will probably play in the same bands until you’re all old and dead. Or, at least, I do. Every one of these dudes will do something great musically, but man, this band was good. It’s our pleasure to add this collection to our… collection.

Courtesy of Pod and the Roman Line:

The Roman Line was:
Jonny – Bass, Gangs
Paul – Lead guitar, Gangs, Banjo
Pod- Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar, Mandolin, Autoharp
Boxcar Shawn – Drums, Harmonies

Other people who participated on these recordings:
Louise Lambert – Vocals on “The Band Played Sweet Home Alabama”
Mark McElway – Accordion on “The Band Played Sweet Home Alabama”
Clarence Boddicker – Organ
Kris Haig-Brown took the “cover” photo.

OK, so I figure I should write a little blurb about these tunes to put them into context. They’re not in chronological order because our band never did anything logical while we were together and I see absolutely no reason to start now. Ready?

The first seven songs were demos we did last October with Steve Rizun. They were never supposed to be anything but demos for what was supposed to be our second album, but then we broke up. We recorded this stuff live off the floor but because Steve is a stupidly talented producer they actually turned out sounding really good. Because of this I decided to include them here, as opposed to the six songs we demoed ourselves which will never, ever, ever see the light of day. I really like these songs – there’s less bombast than our older recordings and I think it gives a pretty good idea of where we were headed creatively.

Tracks 8 – 10 are outtakes from Morning Portraits. We decided to leave “Stinkin’ of Malt Liquor Blues” and “The Band Played Sweet Home Alabama” off the album because we thought 45 minutes was too long for a punk rock album and these two were kind of the odd ones out musically, but I actually like them both a lot. “Die! Hipster, Die!” was left off because I thought it didn’t fit in thematically and I felt the lyrics were a bit juvenile and overly vitriolic. I remember being in the studio and Joe Queer just laughing and laughing at the lyrics while I recorded the vocals, so that kind of gives you the idea, right? Also: if you can guess all the references in the titles of these ones we’ll give you a very special surprise! We recorded this with Joe and Jim Tierney at the Electric Cave in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It was mixed my Jamie Matsukubo at Matchvox in Toronto.

“Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease” is off the Merman Records Sea Creatures Volume 1 split 7”. We had a really short amount of time to get a song completed so I wrote this one really quickly about a person that everyone in the band had a mutual dislike for, then we recorded it with Jamie Matsukubo at Matchvox Studios.

“The Other Side Of The World” was recorded by Shawn and I for Aaron Zorgel’s 2009 Christmas album in Zorgel’s apartment. It’s still readily available for free on this very website, but I really like it and I feel like it got overlooked by most people who enjoyed our band. So here it is again!

Anyway, yeah that’s it.

THANKS!: Sam Sutherland, Aaron Zorgel, Ashley Carter, Kris Haig-Brown, Steve Rizun, Greg Murr, Kevin Aper, Ivo Backbreaker, Jeremy LeBlanc, Dominik Sygula, Joe Queer, Jim Tierney, Jamie Matsukubo, Louise Lambert, Mark McElway, Eric Mahnke, Kasper Keen, Ben Pearlman, Meaghan Eby, Turi Mercuri, Toby Jeg, Matty and Laureen Cusick, Kate Black, Adrian Corney, Rick and Stevie Timmers, Sean Farrell and Courtney Denison, Rodger Shosa, Jimy Delinquint, Simone Thellung, Todd Purse, Kelly Allan and Ruggy Collins, Mike and PJ Sloan, Kevin Berger, Jetty Boys, 20belows, Junior Battles, Apers, Clydesdales, Creeps, Visitors, Hometown Hecklers, Delinquints, PG-13s, Lanterns, Ruth’s Hat, Dopamines, Leftovers.

And I’ve always thought this sort of thing was kind of lame, but fuck it. This thing is dedicated to the memory of Dominik Sygula, the best companion a smelly punk rock band could ever have in the van.

See ya in the pit,

PS – When I said I would see you in the pit I was just kidding. If you actually want to find me I’ll be watching Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on the internet.



01. Get Up
02. Part of Your Charm
03. John & Adelaide, Saturday Night
04. Busch Light & Camel Wides
05. Since I’ve Been Gone
06. Labatt Blue & Oil Cut With Pen Ink
07. Sorry About That
08. Die! Hipster, Die!
09. Stinkin’ of Malt Liquor Blues
10. The Band Played Sweet Home Alabama
11. Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease
12. The Other Side of the World

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