JB034 — The Decay / Wayfarer

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We’ve been hearing bits and pieces of this record over the past few months, but having it hit you in the chest as a straight 38 minutes of brilliantly-crafted mini punk anthems is going to melt your black heart. These are some of our best buds, and these are some of their best songs. We’re really effing proud to have this record available to you, our inter-buds. Play these loud and often.

Courtesy of Mr. Tyler Robertson and the Decay:

As trends in many punk bands would have us believe, as you get older you mellow out and stop being so damned angry. I never understood that because as we get older I tend to find more things to be mad about… In an angry, adult kind of way I guess. This release might be neither angry nor adult. Or it might be more both than we’ve ever been.. But it IS certainly seven songs with vague comments about “things”. It’s a years’ worth of superficial highs, and documented lows; written while stuck on the 401, crammed in airplane seats, stressing over work, losing sleep, and crying and embarrassing oneself in public. Adult things. ?We hope we’re still just like you.??

Kyle from Wayfarer mentioned the idea of doing a split LP and we jumped at the chance because an LP is seven letters better than an EP, and we did seven songs so it’s like… 77 … Like 1977 – which is the golden rule of punk rock! If you play these songs in reverse it either summons Joe Strummer or Mario Lemieux. If it’s Joe he spits in your face and tells you to turn this shit off.

Also because Wayfarer are effortlessly amazing and will only continue to be so, we want to get on paper as being friends with them, and an album locks them in for life.

This is our first release with Dakota on drums. He came around at a particularly low point for us and picked us up not only with his awesome on drumming, but with his awesome attitude. What a guy.

Courtesy of Mr. Kyle Krische and Wayfarer:

I remember in the ninth grade I used to sit in my friend Cheeko’s basement and he would play the Decay’s “All I Need” on repeat. I thought at the time (and still sort of do) that it was the greatest song ever written. I was shocked to find out they were actually just some local band. More so pleased, though, that I got to see them play every few Fridays. They’ve been one of the best bands from the 519 area since 2004 and these songs are only further evidence of that.

I couldn’t be more excited to release this split. We’ve done a lot of shuffling and rearranging but I think as a band we’ve found a combination that works. Taking these songs to practice and sharing them with everyone reminded me that music is supposed to be fun. Finally, for the first time in a while, it was again. We’re excited to have another release up on Juicebox and hope people take the time to send it around and give it a listen. I can say pretty confidently that both bands are proud of what we have created here and look forward to finally sharing it with the online community.



01. Changing face
02. Guile
03. Everyday
04. Razor Burns
05. Chinese food
06. Would you suck dicks for dimes
07. Weight gain
08. Collide
09. And Pass Away
10. Daughter of Time
11. 07.27.10
12. The Fever of Dem Years

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