JB035 — Stay Home: Dinosaur City EP


We released Stay Home’s debut effort, the gritty, ballsy, and I’m-too-drunk-to-feel-feelings-y Cake EP in March of 2010. Since then, we’ve seen them grow to become, yes, an even better band (as Dinosaur City illustrates). But perhaps even more importantly, Stay Home hold the torch (made out of crushed PBR cans) as some of the only persevering bastions of punk rock in the city of London, Ontario. Half of the band started putting on house shows at what they affectionately refer to as The Dude Ranch. Tons of Juicebox Recording Co. alumni have performed there (The Decay, !Attention!, Wayfarer), which goes to show that Stay Home are all about community. Great dudes, great band. You’d be stupid not to download this shit.

Courtesy of Mr. Dustin Andrews and Stay Home:

The funny thing about this EP is that we intended it to be a split LP with our good buddies from Toronto “Dinosaur City”. The unfortunate thing is that they ended up calling it quits after recording 80% of their half while we were still recording our half. On a happier note we got the chance to record once again with Young Ashbourne who was the drummer from Dinosaur City. We only thought it be suiting after all the effort Kyle and us had put in to this project that we call it the Dinosaur City Ep. This EP was recorded and mixed completely in our basement at The Dude Ranch by Kyle Ashbourne, and mastered by Stu Mckillop at The Hive in Vancouver.
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01. October Nights
02. Pee-Wee Toy
03. Cake Eaters
04. Emmanual Labour
05. Sleeper
06. Turbo Unlimited
07. Less Dr. Phil, more Dr. Morgentaler

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