JB036 — Stuck Out Here: Last Night, This Morning


If you’re a Juicebox Recording Co. fanperson, this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered the Clinton/Bayfield, Ontario band Stuck Out Here. These fine young gentleman first appeared on the Do It Yourself Vol. 3 compilation (then named Streetcore), and post-name change they covered “Hit The Switch” by Bright Eyes on our covers compilation Our Favourite Songs. The Strummer reference and the Conor Oberst worship won’t give you a perfect idea of what Stuck Out Here sounds like, but it’s a pretty good point of reference. After playing a show with these guys in London a few years back, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them mature into a thoughtful, anthemic, folky, punky rock & roll machine. As JBRC compilation veterans, I’d say it’s about time we put out their debut full length.

Courtesy of Mr. Cam Laurie and Stuck Out Here:

I’m sure people get sick of hearing punk songs about hating where you live or come from. Too bad for those people- that’s what this record is about. At least that’s what it started out being about.

We all come from just about the most rural area you can think of, Huron County, and the great towns of Bayfield and Clinton respectively. These towns, believe or not, are not exactly punk rock meccas. For 8 months of the year, for the past couple years, we have lived in Toronto or the some sort of nearby version of it, (Etobicoke, Mississauga) doing that ole post-secondary education thing. Every summer we move back and swear to god it’ll be our last time we ever do such a thing. Then the next summer rolls around and we repeat the process.

The first couple songs on this record are about the first summer back, the next few are about the next and so on and so forth. As those summers have come and gone our view of our backwoods towns has gone from hatred, to contempt, to just plain disappointment in ourselves and then to the realization that it ain’t the place it’s the stagnancy in our own lives. Truth is we wouldn’t keep on moving back if we didn’t love it so darn much. These songs are about the summer nights, and the terrible mornings after. It’s about the sober autumns after the summer has come a gone and we realize we just wasted 4 months of our lives. It’s about paying homage to those nights, those friends, those bars, those shows and understanding it is time to start moving forward. As Ivan says, this record is about loving where you’re from and learning how to leave it.



01. Sober Up Tomorrow
02. Know I Shoudn’t, Know I Will
03. Jumping Over Fences to Play Halo
04. Big Ed’s Gas Farm
05. Former Glories
06. Dreaming Of Your Etcetera
07. Quiet Bears
08. Let’s Do This Every Night
09. Mississauga, Ontario
10. That Blackness

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