JB037 — Mark It Zero: Six Degrees of Separation


You’d think that the folks at Juicebox Recording Co. have a huge boner for Kitchener, Ontario. A couple of weeks ago we released the monstrous split LP by the Decay and Wayfarer (both based at least partially in Kitchener, if I’m not mistaken), and now we’re putting out the debut full-length from Kitchener pop-punk band Mark It Zero. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the Kitchener/Guelph area is home to droves of excellent punk bands right now. Mark It Zero are no exception. Six Degrees of Separation has lots of energy, big catchy sing-along choruses, and a whole lot of heart. It was also recorded by our very talented friend Erik O’Neill from the Decay, and I am happy to report that he did not manage to ruin it.

Courtesy of Mr. Ben Stager and Mark it Zero:

This is a culmination punk pop songs that we wrote over the past two years. We spent three months in the Fall and Winter recording in our friend Erik O’Neill’s Fortress of Solitude and by the end of this period he became both our “fifth Beatle”—probably not John Lennon because he sucks—and our best friend. The process was long, and very on and off, but we powered through and got it done. Juicebox was our number one choice when thinking about how we should release this. Music should be accessible anywhere by anyone in the world, and the good people at Juicebox help make this happen. These songs are meant for people to sing along and run around to; so turn this one up and practice in your bedroom…or let us play in your bedroom. Seriously that would be cool.



01. Commencement
02. Still Going
03. Highways
04. Not For Merit
05. Winner/Gagnant
06. Tenderfoot
07. David Letterman Jacket
08. Leap of Faith
09. Good Grief
10. Maybe Someday We’ll Get It Right
11. Carbonite Castaway

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