JB038 — Lost Cities: The Narrow Path


This record is one of a very tiny handful on this site that we’ve aggressively hounded a band to release with us. It was over two years ago that co-Juicebox Dude Aaron Zorgel played me early instrumental demos of his friend’s band, and we both agreed that it was kind of way, way too good. Once the terrifying dueling-falcon screams of Kalan Vuksanovich and David Partridge were layered on top, the band became a full-on sonic terror. These three songs are just a taste of how much this band will eat your face live, like you’re in some basement in Rochester in 1998 all over again.

Courtesy of Mr. Kalan Vuksanovich and Lost Cities:

Lost Cities are a dynamic post-hardcore band from Toronto, ON.

Still enamoured with ’90s experimental punk, David (vocals/guitar), Dave (bass), Corey (drums), and Kalan (vocals/guitar) produce a brand of melodic hardcore that offers a calculated mix of aggression and release.

With influences spanning from the well loved staples of their genre (Saetia, Orchid, Off Minor) to Jacques Brel and Kafka, Lost Cities exist to reinterpret post-hardcore in an era of cookie cutter “screamo.”

In fall of 2010, Lost Cities had the pleasure of sharing the stage with L.A. punk phenoms Touché Amoré, and Japanese post-hardcore giants Envy, for the Toronto date of their joint North American tour. With the release of their debut three song E.P., The Narrow Path, this four piece is looking forward to a summer of “ripping it” in and around the G.T.A.

On this record, Lost Cities is:

David Partridge: vocals/guitar
Kalan Vuksanovich: vocals/guitar
Dave Palmer: bass
Andrew McMullen: drums
Recorded and mixed by David Partridge at HELM Recording in Milton, ON
Mastered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios in Brampton, ON

Artwork by David Partridge



01. Crowds (So Far From Found)
02. Authors That Gave Up
03. To My Better Days

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