JB039 — Prevenge / Dig It Up


There is so little I cansay about these bands that won’t be so gushy and awkward that it destroys all of our super-punx credibility forever. The people in Prevenge and Dig It Up are some of our best friends, and beyond that, both are utterly kick-ass bands that consistently blow our collective mind every time we see them play. I love that this split exists, because I sincerely think these are the two best punk bands in Montreal right now. That fact that we get to host it is just icing on the already-covered-in-poutine cake. In a convoluted way, we really only know both bands because of this site, and that really melts my mind. I’m so effing glad we could be apart of the release of this split.

Dig It Up on Prevenge
I met Prevenge for the first time when I went to the studio to pay our engineer for our first EP, Magnets. They were recording their EP, It Happens All The Time (also put out by the almighty Juicebox Recording Co.). Karine was 6 months pregnant and setting up her drums. Prevenge are like that; ain’t nothing going to break their stride.
In the following months, our paths would continue to cross and we grew closer. It was obvious that a big, weird, nine person romance was developing. After a bunch of shows, a simultaneous release of our debut EPs (on Juicebox) and a couple of sweet tours, we wanted to take this relationship to the next level; that’s what this is. Chris made sure everyone got their stuff done and is even putting the split out on his label Pavones records.

We’ve been honoured to share the stage with Prevenge and are giddy like school girls about sharing this with them. As far as I’m concerned, the Montreal punk scene is built around them. The split is a fitting next step in this ongoing love epic and it couldn’t have a better home than this one.

Prevenge on Dig It Up
From the moment we met Mike from Dig It Up, we knew we were in trouble. Ten seconds of conversation and it was like being with long-lost family. Once we played our first show together it was like falling in love for the first time; it’s an experience you’ll always remember and cherish, and try to duplicate. Our lives have been intertwined ever since. We’ve had the privilege of playing many shows and touring with Dig It Up, having our EPs released on the same day in 2009, and have been talking about putting something out together for a very long time.

It’s very rare for nine people to get along so well with each other. Prevenge and Dig It Up are family. We have the utmost respect for who they are and what they do. They are a powerhouse that annihilate everything in their path while at the same time turning people on to their own brand of punk rock.
Even though I released the physical split on my label Pavones Records, Juicebox Recording Co. is home to us, and they complete our nuclear family. This record wouldn’t be whole if they had not been involved.

This record is a labour of love .



01. Buried Alive
02. Wicked Mess

03. Move My Way
04. Cops On Horses

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