JB040 — Tightrope 7″


Tightrope e-mailed us about putting out this 7″ at the conclusion of Pouzza Fest weekend. It was such a magical time that left me feeling so unfathomably positive about all things punk and Montreal related that I’m pretty sure we would have agreed to release a ska record if someone asked. We knew Tightrope were friends with our MTL PUNX buds because they all kept talking about how they needed to rush around to see them play, and when they got some their stuff jacked at the end of the festival, everyone seemed bummed. So when Antoine e-mailed me, I almost had no choice but to put this 7″ out. Thankfully, it’s been about a month and I still think Tightrope sounds awesome. It’s always great to bring outside folks into this weird internet clan we’ve created, because in a month when we all see each other and hang out, it will be like we’re long lost brothers and sisters. I can’t wait.

Courtesy of Mr. Antoine Kerten and Tightrope:

We’re a band from Montreal. We like Lifetime and Leatherface. We’ve been playing for a little over a year and have played great shows around eastern Canada and the US.

We’re not one of those bands that is made up of longtime friends, we’ve all gotten to know each other through Tightrope. This record is basically a document of our first year together, some of the songs were written before we had a complete lineup, at our first jams and others are more recent. I think you can hear the difference, you can tell that we’ve gotten to know each other better musically. People tend to have a hard time pinning down what bands to compare us to. I say: don’t waste your time on comparisons, just listen, enjoy.

So thanks for taking a few minutes to give us a chance, and thanks to Juicebox for putting this up!



01. No Sleep
02. Jerry
03. Admit Defeat
04. Breakthrough
05. Gramophone
06. Motherfuckers Inc.

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