JB043 — Prevenge / Shared Arms split 7″


We love both of these bands. I am about to drive to Montreal to see Prevenge, so this part is going to be short. Download this, support these bands, skating is not a crime.

Courtesy of Mr. Chris Snelgrove and Prevenge:

When Chris, Karine and I started this band back in two-thousand-whatever, we told ourselves that, first and foremost, this band was for Fun. It was an excuse to play shows with friends, visit friends in different cities, and make new friends. Friends like Shared Arms. I actually had to go back and check old flyers to try and figure out when we first met Shared Arms. It just kind of seems like we’ve always known them, as if the starter kit for this band just came with a set of rad friends. Joey, Jesse, Mat, and Doug have been so kind to us over the years, and their band is pants-shittingly good. We wish we could do every record and every tour with them.

These songs were recorded during the same sessions that produced the tracks for the Dig it Up split. It seems fitting that this session yielded two splits with such good friends of ours.
Fun Facts:
– ‘Missing Out’ is actually the third or fourth song we ever wrote as a band. We’ve been playing it live since forever, so we’re glad we could finally give it a home.
– Cam Noakes played guitar and did back-up crooning on these songs, before moving on to play in Barn Burner. We each keep a lock of his hair in lockets around our necks to honour his memory.

This split is for Shared Arms, Edith Boucher, Cam Noakes, Struggletown Records, Tragi-Comedy Records, Guerilla Asso, Pavones Records, Sam Sutherland, Ashley Carter, and the worldwide Juicebox Jean-Shorts Mafia. Hugs and high-fives forever.



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