JB044 — The Best Of Aaron Zorgel & Friends: A Retrospective Yuletide Collection

Courtesy of Mr. Aaron Zorgel:

Between 2004 and 2009, I released five full-length Christmas albums with the help of my friends. I recorded songs on my own, invited people to record using my home setup, and solicited recordings from musician pals who I thought might be interested in contributing. For the most part, this was all done in the name of getting together with friends during the holidays. If you’re going to hang out with an old friend you only see once a year, you might as well get festive (see: drunk) and record a version of “Little Drummer Boy” together. Something about that just feels right.

Fast forward, and it’s been two full years since I’ve released a Christmas album. I sincerely miss the late nights, mega-fun, and drunken collaborations that used to characterize this time of year. With that in mind, I thought it might be a good time to recall some of my favourite tracks that have appeared on these Christmas albums over the past eight (holy fucking shit, eight?!) years.

I consider myself very lucky to have insanely talented friends. When I set out to cherry-pick the best nuggets from five albums worth of quality Christmas jams, I seriously finished with a list of, like, forty songs. There’s just too much hotness. Instead of offending any contributor by failing to slap my audacious “BEST OF” stamp of approval on their song, I decided to go an insanely narcissistic route. This collection only includes songs that I was directly involved with. (With the exception of superstar acoustic Christmas power duo Lemonade Parade. They made me feature their entire catalogue, because they run this website. Facists.)

This way, no one feels like their incredibly charming contribution wasn’t up to scratch, you can hate me for being a self-adoring dick, and my ego gets the boost it so badly hungers for. Everybody wins.

But seriously, if this retrospective primes your pump, go download the entire compilations. They’re worth your time, and they’re free. If you can’t get into that, then fuck you, you filthy Grinch.

Merry Christmas,


Oh wait, one more thing: to sweeten the pot, Regent Royale (myself, Jeremy Mersereau, and James Gallagher) recorded a brand new hip-hop Christmas banger for the retrospective. Sorry, Mom.

Download Christmas Compilations 1-3 (2004-2007)
Download Christmas Compilation 4 (2008)
Download Christmas Compilation 5 (2009)



01. Regent Royale – Christmas In The Trap (2012) feat. Eric Paule
02. Aaron Zorgel – Sometimes You Have To Work On Christmas (2009)
03. Aaron & Shelly Zorgel – Blue Christmas (2008)
04. Aaron Zorgel – Last Christmas (2006)
05. Lemonade Parade – Hams (2007)
06. Regent Royale – We 3 Kings (2008) feat. Tyler Wade
07. Aaron Zorgel – Christmas Vacation (2007)
08. Aaron Zorgel & Kelly McCluskey – It Feels Like Christmas (2008)
09. Lemonade Parade – Jesus Christ and Santa Ping Pong Battle On The Moon (2007)
10. Aaron Zorgel & James Gallagher – A Two-Man Barbershop Christmas (2007)
11. Aaron Zorgel, Kaz Tamasauskas, Kim Black – Mr. Scrooge (2006)
12. Aaron Zorgel & Elliot Caroll – Funky, Funky Christmas (2008)
13. Lemonade Parade – Anyone Else But Santa (2008)
14. Aaron Zorgel & Keith O’Neill – Egg Noggles (2004)
15. Aaron Zorgel, Kim Black, Lindsey Kuglin, and Nate Jones – Mary Had A Baby (2008)
16. Aaron Zorgel – Merry Little Christmas (2006)
17. Lemonade Parade – Little Boxes (2009)
18. Aaron Zorgel – Lights (2007)

Artwork by Kris Haig-Brown.

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