Juicebox Vinyl (R.I.P.)


The music industry is a stupid, dying beast. No one is making any money from the sale of CDs except Kayne West and Paramore. In December of 2008, we started up an online-only, PWYC recording label in an attempt to blatantly copy what we respected about Quote Unquote Records; that music’s value comes entirely from people’s exposure to it, and that this topsy-turvy modern age allows us the opportunity to eat more music than ever before. So while the comically dumb music industry struggles to find a way to return CD sales to their executive-coke-problem-enabling levels of the late ’80s and early ’90s, we’re movin’ on up with all you other cool young folks.

That said, we still buy records. Because they rule. And that’s why Juicebox Vinyl exists. We are working with limited resources and smarts, but we want to be able to put physical copies of cool albums in your hands because we’re dinosaurs who love that shit.


JBV001 / JB014 — Hostage Life: Centre of the Universe

Centre of the Universe was intended to mark the debut of Juicebox Vinyl. Unfortunately, Hostage Life called it day right before this baby was about to be sent to the plant. The presses were halted, classic cinema-style, but we still have this mighty online beast to love. Plus, we heard there are still a few copies kicking around over at our Big Cartel store.