Red Tide

In the interest of coastal fairness, I wanted to post a song from Red Tide, one of my favourite bands from the early Victoria scene. Like Da Slyme and the Reaction in St. John’s, Red Tide were more isolated than the already-pretty-fucking-isolated kids in places like Edmonton and Winnipeg. But unlike those kids, Victoria bands like Red Tide, Infamous Scientists, and the Dayglo Abortions had the Vancouver scene to draw inspiration from. The result seems to be a weird mutation of the already weird mutations of the early Vancouver bands, who were themselves influenced by their proximity to what was happening in California. It’s like a game of sonic broken telephone, but one that starts with the Screamers and ends with Nomeansno.

This Red Tide song comes from a cassette comp called Medium Raw that was archived over at the amazing Model Citizen mp3 blog. For anyone with any interest in the early Victoria scene, there’s an awesomely compressive book / two-disc comp titled All Your Ears Can Hear that was released a few years ago which covers all the fascinatingly bizarre stuff going on in early Victoria. It’s currently out of print, but I’ve been told that it’s getting a second pressing soon. Keep your eyes out, this shit is tight.

Red Tide: “My Son is a Kuwahara”

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  2. thanks for the post, ive been scowering the internet for years looking for my dads music

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