REVIEW: Quantum of Solace (Dir. Marc Forster)

Bond came out this weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s really your own fault.

Before I get into the review portion of the… review, I want to flip (this is new slang for give, forward or push in your direction) you some numbers. This is the 22nd Bond film, and the second starring Daniel Craig. This is the first Bond sequel (I think? Having trouble confirming this. Anyone?) and it takes place one hour after Casino Royale ends. The film is 106 minutes long, making it the shortest Bond film ever. The film cost $230 million to make. The film was released two weeks earlier in Europe and made a dump-truck of money. That, combined with the North American opening weekend gross of $70.4 million, puts the movie at $322 million worldwide. So far.

Now: Reviewtown.

Quantum of Solace was good. Not as good as Casino Royale, but definitely a fun time. The film is packed with action, and through its monkey-filled-barrel of mindless (yet totally awesome) ass-kickery, I fell in love. Of course, that’s not to say that this is the kind of love you’ll write home to tell your mom about, but love nonetheless.

However, one cannot avoid the fact that this movie wasn’t as good as its predecessor (mom? older sister? not sure where to take this metaphor…) and what Quantum lacked is easy to identify.


Sure, there was a plot in there somewhere, but remember that really long string of scenes in the first movie where Bond is playing poker and pretty much ALL THE IMPORTANT STUFF THAT MATTERS unfolds? Obviously we couldn’t have another poker scene, but at least something to perform the same function (ie plot) would have been nice.

All in all, worth seeing if you like ass-kickery.

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  1. you know what else it lacked?


    bond only does ONE chick ONCE.

  2. There’s nothing good about this movie. Of the three action scenes, two were lifted almost directly from the borne trilogy. It’s not mindless fun. I hate it when people say something is mindless fun. If it’s fun, it’s fun. If it’s mindless, it’s boring. And it wasn’t fun. The trailer for Fast and Furious is better than the entirety of Quantum of Solace.
    And whoever’s going to beat stats at chess is right, he could have at least fucked no-tits whatsherface.

  3. And also Marc Forster is a douche. Watch “Stay” and agree with me.

  4. i hate it when people hate on other people’s shit.

    i am going to eat your lunch
    and fast and furious is gonna be unfuckingbelievable. as will transporter 3.

  5. In my defense, I never said ‘mindless fun.’ The fight scenes mostly felt like action for the sake of action. In Casino Royale, everything had a reason. He wasn’t killing for kicks, but in this movie I had a really hard time caring about any of the reasons/situations that brought him to the punching parts.

  6. fact: i’ve never seen a james bond movie

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